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Mobile device photo’s and Realtor Listings

Have you ever searched for a potential home to purchase in a city where you aren’t living?  What are the primary items on the check list as you begin the initial search?  I am willing to say price, location, number of bedroom/bathrooms, living space, green space and size of kitchen.  Once these criteria have been satisfied what is the next step for making the list of potential homes to give to an agent for possibly viewing?  Are you interested in seeing the home prior to arriving at the location?

Photographs are a HUGE part of the buying process in today’s online market.  Living in a small city with some of the most remarkable homes I am constantly disappointed to see that realtors are taking their mobile device from their pockets and clicking off 10-15 photos and quickly uploading these to a listing site and waiting………and waiting……….and waiting!!  Often times I see the agent’s sign go up and after a month or two it’s gone and replaced with another agent — a few months later that sign is gone and again replaced with the sign of yet another agent.

Often I hear the problem is simply because we are in a declining market and people aren’t interested in the area or people just aren’t wanting to spend the money the buyer is asking in the price.  All of this could certainly be true but much of this issue is because of the extremely poor photo quality of the listing.  If the agent isn’t willing to spend $100-200 for you as the client for good quality photographs then I suggest either finding one who will or you as the buyer hiring your own photographer.

Many sellers will say “oh, I have a friend who has a really good camera so I will ask her to swing by and grab a few shots for us”.  Sorry again but this often ends up as big of a failure as the realtor who normally uses her mobile device with poor image and lighting quality.  Real estate photography is very specific and unique and requires a certain type of equipment and know how.  Take the time and spend the small investment so you can realize a huge return and a much quicker sell of your property.  Matter of fact, DEMAND it of your agent.

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