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Born in rural Alabama, now living in beautiful Historic Natchez Mississippi, where this history is as rich as the soil.  After spending many years as an amateur photographer, with many friends encouraging me to launch into the deep, I finally had the courage to reach for the stars and pursue my true passion.  Co-owning Clermont Bluffs Bed and Breakfast propelled the decision to take the deep dive into interior photography and from there has lead to landscapes, families, and portraits.  While my work is mainly Wedding and Portraiture photography, I simply love being behind the camera.  I have traveled throughout most of the United States and Europe and developed a strong love and appreciation for diversity and exclusivity. When shooting any image I strive to capture the fun, excitement and laid-back aspect of each setting.  I hope to capture your world in some way that gives you a lasting image that you will treasure for years, decades and centuries to come.  Give me a call, text or email at the contact information below.

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