Curious?  Ask Away!


 What should we wear?

This is a biggie, so that's why it tops our list.  Your wardrobe is as important to us as it is to you. What you wear the day of your portraits will have a MAJOR impact on the outcome of your images.   First, your individual style is what we want to showcase.  With that being said there may be some modifications that need to be explained, I will certainly provide my insight and opinion but the ultimate decision is always yours.  The one important factor to consider, are outfits should not match.  Also in a world of branding, I strongly discourage big labels and logo apparel.  Casual attire works great for most portrait settings unless you are looking for headshot portraits.  

How long will the session take?


This is that area where many photographers focus heavily but I like to say that I am with you until we finish the job.  Your unique style will often require unique time factors.  The first 15-20 shots are usually those images that are culled from my collection because we all need time to warm up and get to know each other a little better.  

What is the typical mood of your sessions?


Now here is another biggie.  The thing you will hear me say from the beginning is "this is just us and no one else around is important but YOU".  Often times family or friends want to tag along, and that is fine, but only with the understanding that at the end of the day this session is all about YOU.  I can't do your images justice unless I am in control of the setting and you have complete confidence in my ability.    


Where are we going to shoot this thing?

Again, this is mostly up to you because after all - you are paying me to serve you.  With that said I feel capturing you in your safe space is always best.  Be that in a boat, in the woods, in a park or along the beach.  You tell me where you want it done and we will most likely be able to make it happen.


OK Mr. Doug, when do I get to see to photos?  


This usually takes me about 2 weeks to go through all of the images, cull the ones that aren't up to par, and edit the rest.  I have an online gallery where I upload the edited images for you to begin previewing and selecting the images that you love.  I can have the viewing prepared with a protected password that you will give to anyone you share the link with, or I can provide you the link and you will send it out to those that you trust the most.  I usually leave the gallery open for you up to 60 days if you need it that long.